Air Freight

YouFr8 has a range of airfreight services depending on what you are sending.  If you only have a few boxes the most popular service is air express otherwise we have competitive per kg rates through various airlines.

For an instant air express quote click on our Air Express Option bellow.  If you have a little more to send check out our Per Kg Air freight services.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not always. Because sea freight is subject to various minimum port and handling charges, if you only have a few boxes it can be cheaper to send goods air freight than sea freight.

Our Air Express service is always door to door.  With our per kg rates you can elect to drop the goods off at the depot and pick them up from the airport.  If it is a Smaller amount it is best to go with the door to door service.

The world is so big it is impossible to answer this question absolutely.  With the Air Express door to door service there are sometimes no additional charges but some countries like New Zealand will impose a surcharge.  Check our our country profiles for more information.

This question is so fraught with issues it is impossible to post a definite list without changing it constantly.  Therefore it is better to refer you to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority Website.  However that is also a little bit misleading sometimes.  Just make sure you do not pack any aerosol, perfume, batteries, flammable liquid or Laptops.  Some of these items are fine for carry on luggage but the rules for unaccompanied luggage are different, it is classified as “cargo”.

Yes you can purchase transit insurance for your goods in transit.  Please check out our Insurance page for information on transit insurance.  Also please read the PDS before purchasing transit insurance.

Air Express usually takes from 2 to 10 days and if you go via our air line services it will just be a few days.  With that service you can often plan for your cargo to arrive just before you do so you can collect it on the way home.

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