Why Ship my Car to New Zealand?

People chose to ship their personal vehicle to New Zealand for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they feel they will be losing too much in the sale and may not find a reliable vehicle like it in New Zealand.  But ultimately the decision will be a combination of a persons connection to the vehicle and the financial cost of shipping the vehicle.

What is the cheapest way to ship a car to New Zealand?

The absolute cheapest way to ship a single car to New Zealand is Roll on Roll off, please see HERE for a description of the roll on roll off service, and you can get a list of the rates to New Zealand HERE. HOWEVER if you are also sending personal effects with your car it can be cheaper and more convenient to send the vehicle in the container with your goods.   HERE for container rates to New Zealand or use the search tool on the Home Page to find out the services and prices to the port you are shipping.

What is the safest way to ship your car to New Zealand?

Although we don’t usually have any trouble with shipping vehicles roll on roll off, there is an argument that there is a risk that the cars can be damaged or goods can be stolen from them.  This is possible as the vehicles are driven by workers of the wharf and shipping lines and they are sometimes out of the view of security cameras.  Of course you shouldn’t really put goods in your vehicle when you send it roll on roll off.  Taking this into account it is safer in this way to send a vehicle in a shipping container. The added benefit is that you can also send some personal items in the car and in the container.

What are the regulations in importing your vehicle to New Zealand?

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)

MPI are interested in all cargo entering New Zealand and because the uniqueness of the ecosystem there they are particularly diligent in inspections.  They will charge the importer for any inspections. You can check HERE for the fees and charges you may be up for from MPI. If your car comes in a container the container will need to be unloaded and inspected at an authorised MPI depot.

You Can download a fact sheet from MPI on removing bio security risk from your vehicle HERE.


All vehicles imported into New Zealand are subject to Customs regulations. You can download the FACT SHEET HERE that covers

Other compliance measures

Along with MPI and Customs you will need to make sure that your vehicle is compliant to drive on New Zealand roads and compliant with environmental legislation.

You will need to look closely at this information fro the NZ Transport Agency on importing a vehicle into New Zealand.  This site recommends that you get Entry Certification so check that out before your send a vehicle to New Zealand.

When importing a vehicle into New Zealand you will need to get a Warranty of Fitness. You can click on this link to see the compliance centres.  Our clients have found it helpful to call these centres for more information.

Temporary Admission of Vehicles

From time to time our clients wish to send vehicles to New Zealand for a car rally or show and bring them home.  HERE is a guide to vehicles being admitted to New Zealand for less than twelve months.