What is containerised car shipping?

Containerised vehicle shipping is when the vehicle is strapped inside a shipping container to be shipped overseas.  This is sometimes considered a more secure way to send a vehicle and certainly it is the only way to send very high value vehicles overseas. One car, weather a sedan or four wheel drive will fit into a 20ft container and  40 ft container will hold either two vehicles or one vehicle and some personal effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

No.  The only requirement is that you can load the vehicle in the container and that it can be unloaded, so usually it should be able to be pushed.

We have very little damages for vehicles being shipped in containers, but you must ensure the vehicle is secured properly.  We can give you general advice on how to secure the vehicle to the container but you will cary the liability for damages if anything goes wrong.  Containers have anchor points and the anchor points of the car need to be seured to the anchor points of the container with straps. The vehicle will need to be chocked down as well, the chocks are usually nailed to the floor of the container.  There are also safety measures that need to be taken as well that our staff will advise you of.

If you have a quote to the port only there will be additional charges at the destination port and these will vary.  The vehicle will usually need to be checked for compliance as well as cleanliness by the relevant quarantine office.  We can offer a quote to clear your vehicle in most destinations, but any taxes or duties will always be the owners responsibility.

Yes you can.  These items will need to be cleared separately in the destination country and any items in a container will need to be secured to the container.  I container has anchor points and freight can be secured down just like it is in a removal truck and separated from the vehicle. We can give you helpful guides for this.

Yes you can insure the vehicle, please ask us for the PDS and Policy Wording for details.

There are different regulations for the different countries but vehicles are almost always subject to duties and taxes.  Often person vehicles can have exemptions on them if they are owned and used for a period of time in the origin country.  You must check all the regulations in the destination country before shipping your vehicle.

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