Just as you can move locally yourself, you can move internationally yourself.  You can save yourself a lot of money and take control of the process. You have seen removalists, they are not genius’, but they have got a skill an knowledge set that you just may like to take note of.

Tips for moving yourself overseas.

  1. Make a Packing list list – You will have to make a packing list of all your contents which will act as both a load list and a customs declaration for export and import.  In it you need to be specific but not overly detailed.  If you pack anything that may be interesting to customs or quarantine, take a car full note of it.  Such items may be;
    – Quarantine items – BBQ, Garden tools, Christmas decorations (particularly pine cones), shoes, camping gear, outdoor furniture meat products, raw timber (best to keep that out), equestrian equipment. NB: Never use fruit boxes to pack
    – Customs interest – Alcohol, endangered species parts, ivory, guns, ammunition, new goods,  cash.
  2. Be Educated about prohibited goods in your destination country.  Before you start packing you need to must check what is prohibited in your destination country. With the internet there are few excuses for ignorance.  Take special note of the categories about and just use common sense about what you think may be restricted.  Be particularly careful when importing goods to Islamic or communist countries.
  3. Suck up to your friends, you will need them.  Moving all your worldly possessions into a container in your front yard is quite some work so help will be needed.  If your fiends are “busy that day” check out the local removal companies, they will help you on an hourly rate and may use the truck to take the unwanted furniture to charity or the tip
  4. Enroll the kids in the workforce.  If the kids aren’t too little they can be great little helpers, and it will be a help for them to pack their own things safe and secure in the container, they can then track the container online to  the destination.
  5. Insure.  We offer marine transit insurance and you won’t regret taking it if you need it.