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Due to the 2021 international container shipping crisis, these rates are not currently active

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Origin Port Destination Port20ft Container40ft ContainerAll Services to your port
BrisbaneAuckland$3,100.00$3,600.00Request a Quote
BrisbaneNelson$3,800.00$4,900.00Request a Quote
BrisbaneWellington$3,500.00$4,100.00Request a Quote
BrisbaneTauranga$3,100.00$3,600.00Request a Quote
BrisbaneChristchurch$3,100.00$3,600.00Request a Quote
BrisbanePort Chalmers$3,100.00$3,600.00Request a Quote
BrisbaneNapier$3,100.00$3,600.00Request a Quote
SydneyAuckland$4,200.00$5,100.00Request a Quote
SydneyWellington$4,900.00$6,100.00Request a Quote
SydneyTauranga$4,200.00$5,100.00Request a Quote
SydneyChristchurch$4,200.00$5,100.00Request a Quote
SydneyNapier$5,100.00$4,100.00Request a Quote
SydneyPort Chalmers $4,200.00$5,100.00Request a Quote
SydneyNelson$5,300.00$4,200.00Request a Quote
MelbourneAuckland$3,700.00$4,100.00Request a Quote
MelbourneWellington$4,200.00$5,100.00Request a Quote
MelbourneTauranga$3,700.00$4,100.00Request a Quote
MelbourneChristchurch$3,700.00$4,100.00Request a Quote
MelbourneNapier$3,700.00$4,100.00Request a Quote
MelbournePort Chalmers$3,700.00$4,100.00Request a Quote
MelbourneNelson$3,900.00$4,500.00Request a Quote
PerthAuckland$4,100.00$4,900.00Request a Quote
PerthChristchurch$4,100.00$4,900.00Request a Quote
PerthTauranga$4,100.00$4,900.00Request a Quote
PerthNelson$5,200.00$5,900.00Request a Quote
PerthPort Chalmers$4,100.00$4,900.00Request a Quote
PerthWellington$4,600.00$5,700.00Request a Quote
PerthNapier$4,100.00$4,900.00Request a Quote
AdelaideAuckland$4,100.00$4,900.00Request a Quote
AdelaideChristchurch$4,100.00$4,900.00Request a Quote
AdelaideTauranga$4,100.00$4,900.00Request a Quote
AdelaideNelson$4,600.00$5,200.00Request a Quote
AdelaidePort Chalmers$4,100.00$4,900.00Request a Quote
AdelaideWellington$4,600.00$5,700.00Request a Quote
AdelaideNapier$4,100.00$4,900.00Request a Quote

These container rates from Australia to New Zealand are based on 20ft or 40ft container being placed at the origin address and requires adequate access. The price includes ocean freight to the destination port but excludes, destination charges, these can be quoted on application. All containers are delivered to your location by container sideloading truck. Our prices assume your location will accommodate delivery of a container by a container sideloading truck. For more information of how a container sideloading truck operates please click HERE . If your property is unable to accommodate a container sideloading truck there usually are alternatives available to you, please contact us to discuss your options. Request a Quote

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