Can I ship my personal effects into Canada?

Shipping personal effects to Canada is simple and duty free as long as your goods fit in with the Canadian definition of personal effects.  Please check out the link to the Canadian customs site it is very comprehensive and includes information on prohibited items.

 What do I need  to give YouFr8 for clearance ?

We will need a completed copy of the B4 Customs form.   Please click here to download a copy of the Canadian customs form (there is also a link below).   You will nee d to print it out and sign it.

We will also need an itemised inventory of what has been packed into your cartons.  If our agents are packing cartons for you they will make this list our of the items they pack, but anything you pack yourself will need this list.

We will also need a copy of the photo and information page of your passport.

Important Information.

In addition to the important information on the Canadian Customs website it is important to know that you will need to be present in Canada for the clearance of your goods.  Therefore if you are planning to travel after you send your goods from Australia, and particularly if you are sending your goods airfreight, consider storing your goods before sending them.


Canadian Unacompanied Personal Effects Form
Canadian Customs site :
Customs Form: