Personal Effects

Shipping personal effects or excess baggage to France can be simple and hassle free. You can import personal effects into France duty free as long as the shipper has lived outside of the European Union for a minimum of twelve months, the goods have been used for at least six months and the items will not be sold for another twelve months.

Excess Baggage

Sending excess baggage to France is also simple as long as you are traveling overseas and you have recently re-entered France.  For clearance you will need an itemised list with its value, entry documents including passport and any other permits or declarations requested.

The following is an extract from a customs brochure in regard to bringing excess baggage into France for travelers.
Upon entering France, no tax or customs procedures are required for your personal belongings, which may or may not be in your baggage. However, the type or amounts (large quantities) of the said belongings must not imply commercial purposes. If you are coming from a third country, customs officers may ask your for evidence that tax and duties have been paid for certain items (jewelry, cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, laptops, and so on). Always have your invoices and/or customs receipts on you!Warning: personal belongings may not be sold, or given away in France.

For clearance you will need:
Itemised packing list with values in Euros
Any clearance forms required at destination


Students importing goods int France must provide proof attendance at an education institution in France within two months of the import of your goods.

For more detiled information from the French Government about traveling to France:

General information in English for travelers and importers