Household effects and Vehicles into Germany

Shipping to Germany is easy if you can take into account a few things and be mindful of the regulations.  Household goods and vehicles can be imported into Germany duty free if the owner has lived abroad for more than 12 months, owned the goods or vehicle for at lease 6 months and keep the goods for at least 12 months after importing the into Germany.

Excess Baggage to Germany

Travelers can bring goods into Germany duty free if they are within the allowances (see link below). They must not be restricted or prohibited items.  You must be mindful to declare goods that are not intended for personal use. Must provide a itemised inventory of the goods

Inherited goods can be imported duty free within two years of coming into possession of the goods if your usual place of residence is within the EU.

Restricted Items to Germany
Weapons (an applicable license is required)
Live plants (a special import license is required)
Alcohol (may be imported duty free in reasonable quantities; otherwise it is subject to duties and taxes)
Tobacco and cigarettes (subject to duties and taxes)

Prohibited Items to Germany
Organic seeds, plants, wood, explosives,radioactive stuff, some forms of pornography, absinthe, methyl alcohol, pure alcohol, narcotics,wine, grape juice and other various food stuffs and consumer goods in large quantity, which are usually held as provisions, various fodders as well as goods concerned by the Washington protection agreement.

The following things may be required for clearance for Personal effects.
Registration of the shipper at his new residence in Germany (ANMELDBESTAETIGUNG)
Copy of the shipper passport
Goods Inventory
A letter from a third party (employer, German Embassy) confirming that the shipper has lived and worked more than 12 months in a foreign country
Renting contract of a domicile (if possible).
Contract of employment
Customs registration form 0350.
A letter signed by shipper that following
The following goods are not inside the shipment: firearms, alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, tea, coffee.