When shipping to Japan from Australia there are a few things to take into account.  If you are sending a smaller amount it is best to send via our door to door air express service.  For larger amounts we have very economical sea freight services throughout Japan.

When entering Japan (returning to Japan), you are required to make a written declaration about your belongings obtained in foreign countries.

Two copies of a written declaration are required, if you have unaccompanied articles.(Be sure to declare it upon entering Japan because you cannot declare it after entry.)

The Japanese customs website if very informative and well worth a visit. Have a look at these links.

Customs procedure information for travellers visiting Japan. (Chinese, Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, English and Japanese)


Customs information for Travellers Japanese English


Forms (Links and Downloads)

Download Japanese Customs form in English HERE

Here is the English customs form on the Japanese custom website.



Download Japanese Customs form in Japanese HERE