Shipping Personal Effects to Malaysia can be and easy process but the usual cation should be taken to avoid additional charges or delays. This is intended as general information and of course regulations can change.  Malaysian Government take customs regulations very seriously and the discovery of prohibited items among imported goods can have severe consequences on the shipper.

Duty Free Entry
Personal Effects can be shipped into Malaysia duty free provided;

  • Shipper is the owner of the goods.
  • The goods have been owned and used by the shipper at least six months.
  • The Shipper is changing primary residence from outside Malaysia to Malaysia
  • The shipper must be in Malaysia when the goods arrive
  • The shipper must be a national who has resided overseas for 12 month
  • Foreigner may need a work permit (depending on regulations at the time)
  • For Diplomats the receiving mission must apply for the duty exemptions and protocols with the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Kuala Lumpur prior to the arrival of the shipment.


Pornography, narcotics and firearms and weaponry are prohibited. Materials deemed to be offensive or counter to local cultural values are also prohibited. Literature promoting communism is also banned.

Visual media (video cassettes, VCDs and DVDs) is subject to inspection by the Censorship Board. Media deemed unsuitable will be destroyed. A viewing charge per cassette/CD will also be levied.

Products manufactured in Israel or South Africa

Documents required for clearance

  • Bill of lading / Air Waybill
  • Packing inventory written in English
  • Passport copy


General Customs Information (Malaysian Customs)