How can I ship my personal effects into New Zealand?

Personal effects can usually be imported into New Zealand duty free providing they comply with the definition of personal effects.  Generally it is clothes and goods used overseas.  It does not include mail order goods.  Check out the website for complete information, the links are below.

For new items, receipts may be required by Customs. Wines, spirits, tobacco and goods which have been owned and used for less than six months must be declared on the customs form and may be subject to Customs duty and taxes.

Owner Packed Containers

New Zealand is the most popular destination for owner packed containers.  We can give you a quote for your container from all major Australian port cities.

Excess Baggage to New Zealand.

New Zealand is our most popular destination for excess baggage and we consequenly have loads of options.  Call us for an instant door to door air express rate or if you have time on your hands there are sea shared container rates.

What do I need  to give YouFr8 for clearance ?

We will need a completed copy of the NZCS 218 Customs clearance form.  If you have more family members on the declaration than the form allows you will need the Supplementary From. You will also need to complete a MPI Form.

YouFr8 will also require an inventory of what has been packed into your cartons or container.  If our agents are packing cartons for you they will make this list our of the items they pack, but anything you pack yourself will need to be declared by yourself.  Our  documents have a proforma inventory included that you can fill in that also doubles as an insurance declaration.

We will also need a copy of the photo and information page of your passport.

Very Important Information

The Ministry for Primary Industries is very strict in New Zeland and you must make sure shoes, out door items etc are cleaned very well.  You must also check out our link to New Zealand Bio Security very carefully to make sure you do not take in any prohibited materials.


Customs Information

Primary Industries

Download Customs Forms

The fist two of these forms are always required when importing personal effects into New Zealand, the third is only if you don’t have enough space on the forms to fit all of your family members.

Customs form NZCS 218

Ministry of Primary Insustries Form

Customs from Supplementary Page