Shipping to South Africa has its own set of challenges, here at YouFr8 we find it is usually easy and hassle free if you do your homework and remain respectful of the regulations.


People sometimes have security concerns for goods going to South Africa, however our agents are well aware of the challenges and have very secure systems to get the goods from the port to the door safely.

Customs Clearance

Returning residence, migrants and temporary residence are able to import goods into South Africa Duty free if they have owned and used the goods overseas for at least 6 months.

For clearance you will need to fill in th t DA 304 and the P.1.160 along with an itemised Packing inventory of the goods.  YouFr8 will also need a copy of the importers passport. The passport should have the entry stamp into South Africa if possible.  We will also need temporary visa or permanent resident documentation. We will also need declared values and receipts (if available) for goods that are less than 6 months old.

Prohibited and dutiable items

Duty payable – New furniture, Household items, Presents and Souvenirs Wine, liquor, alcohol.
Permit Required – Dangerous Goods, Firearms – Require permit, Wine, liquor, alcohol
Prohibited – Narcotics, drugs, Pornographic books and magazines, “walkie-talkie” , radios, certain feathers, furs,skins, tusks, etc. of animals coming under the protected species regulations.


Clearance forms.

DA304 and P.1.160 clearance forms

General Information

SARS Information for Travelers