Importing Personal Effects into Sweden

Sending excess baggage and personal effects to Sweden from Non EU countries are subject to import regulations.  Personal effects can be exempt from duties and sales tax if you are moving to Sweden and the personal effects are your belongings.  Although special regulations apply to the following;
Arms and other dangerous articles
Students belongings

If you currently live in Sweden and are bringing goods from outside the EU that you have purchased overseas you

When entering Sweden from a country outside the EU, you may bring goods with a total value of 4 300 SEK without paying duty and tax if you are arriving on a commercial flight or ferry. If you are arriving by other means of travel, the corresponding total amount is 3 000 SEK.

Sometimes YouFr8 ship goods via sea groupage containers to Sweden via the UK.  In that case you will be asked to fill in the UK customs forms, then the goods will enter into Sweden as free goods.

Forms for download

Swedish Customs form for Personal Effects 

Pro Forma Inventory 


The following is a link to the Swedish customs site, just click on, start – Customs Guide for a really helpful guide. It is actually helpful unlike most customs sites, which are a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Airport Regulations for accompanied and unaccompanied baggage into Sweden