How can I ship my personal effects into the UK?

Personal effects can be shipped into the  UK and EU duty and tax free as long as they have been in your use and possession in your home outside the UK or EU for at least six months and as long as they are for the exclusive us of the owners in the UK or EU.

You also must have taken up residence in the UK or EU or in the immediate process of doing so.   You must import the goods within twelve months of your personal move.

For new items, receipts may be required by Customs. Wines, spirits, tobacco and goods which have been owned and used for less than six months must be declared on the form C3 and will be subject to Customs duty and taxes.

Excess Baggage

YouFr8 has a variety of options for shipping excess baggage to the UK.  Check out the online pricing on our website or give us a call for a quote.

What do I need  to give YouFr8 for clearance ?

We will need a completed copy of the C3 Form (follow link below).  There is also a link to Her Majesty’s Customs where you can access that and other customs forms for the UK.

YouFr8 will also require an inventory of what has been packed into your cartons.  If our agents are packing cartons for you they will make this list our of the items they pack, but anything you pack yourself will need to be declared by yourself.  Our  documents have a proforma inventory included that you can fill in that also doubles as an insurance declaration.

We will also need a copy of the photo and information page of your passport.

Forms for Download

C3 Customs form

Pro Forma Inventory 


C3 customs form :

HM Customs: