The USA is such a vast country it poses its own special challenges.   Generally shipping into the main ports and larger cities is always a little cheaper but Youfr8 can get anything to anywhere in this great land just ask us for a quote.

Sending excess baggage to the USA

If you are sending anything under about 5 boxes to the USA it is probably cheaper to send by air when taking all the port charges into account.  If you want to send your goods to a  large city where port services are available and you are confident that you can have it cleared easily and are prepared to pay a few hundred dollars port charges, then go ahead we can get a quote for you. But really it is probably best to send it door to door express. If you have a larger amount it can be worth sending door to door to the sea.

Shipping furniture to the USA

If you are sending furniture to the USA it goes one of two ways.  Either a shared container with other personal effects or via a commercial consolidation, termed in “the biz” and LCL (Less Container Load).  either way the goods need to wrapped for international transport, in the case of the latter the goods will also need to be crated to protect them in a commercial consolidated container.  Basically because otherwise goods will be handled by forklifts and destroyed.  Both can be economical but you will incur minimum charges under about four cubic meters (equivalent of about 28 removal boxes).

Clearance information

For clearance in the USA you will need the US Customs form (Form 3299), a copy of your passport (and visa or alien card if you are not a US Citizen) and an itemized inventory of your boxes and packages.

When sending goods via sea to the USA there is also a ISF (Importer Security Filing) system to go through.  This means that you will need to appoint an agent for clearance of your goods by the time the freight gets to the transhipment port, usually somewhere in Asia.

Below please find below the customs form and an example of inventory that can be used

US Customs Form

YouFr8 Proforma inventory and declaration

Treasury Supplementary Declaration

Power of Attorney


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