Roll On Roll Off (RO RO) vehicle shipping an economical way to ship private vehicles overseas.  This service is not available from all port and it is not available to all ports but if it is available from and to the port you are going it can bee a good solution for you.  In the RO RO service the vehicle is transported on a specialised car carrier vessel (pictured right) and is driven on and driven off the vessel. You can watch a cars being loaded in a car carrier vessel in the video on the right.  See also our Frequently Asked Questions for this service.

What is the process?

  1. YouFr8 collect the vehicle from your house.
  2. YouFr8 deliver the car to the Origin PortThe Origin Port is the port from which your vehicle sails.
  3. YouFr8 ship the vehicle to the Destination PortThe Destination Port is the Port to which your vehicle is being shipped.
  4. You clear the vehicle yourself or have one of our agents clear the vehicle for you

What is not included in the service?

This Service does not include any services or charges at the Destination PortThe Destination Port is the Port to which your goods are being shipped, it will also not include Marine Transit Insurance, Brokerage Services  but these additional service charges are available on our website.  If you look below the basic shipping service in the “you may also like” section there will be an opportunity to get a quote on Brokerage Services and Marine Transit Insurance.