What is Roll On Roll Off Vehicle Shipping?

Roll On Roll Off (RO RO) vehicle shipping is where the vehicle is transported on a specialised car carrier vessel and is driven on and driven off the vessel.  You can watch car carrier vessel being loaded in the video to the right.  RO RO is often a cheaper way of vehicle shipping than containerised shipping if you are only sending one car and you don’t have personal effect to ship with the vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  The vehicle has to be driven on and off the carrier.  There may be an option to tow the vehicle on and off the vessel but you will need to get a specialist quote from us for that.

Yes, usually.  We have to collect the vehicle from somewhere in the port city with a tow truck because a security approved operator need to deliver the vehicle to the terminal.  If you live away from the port city you will usually need to deliver it to the city vicinity.

If you have a quote to the port only there will be additional charges at the destination port and these will vary.  In countries like New Zealand it is reasonably easy and economical to arrange clearance but you must always check the regulations before you leave Australia.  We can offer a quote to clear your vehicle in most destinations, but any taxes or duties will always be the owners responsibility.

Not really.  Technically it is possible to put a few boxes in the vehicle and you are welcome to at your own risk.  However neither YouFr8 or the shipping line will accept liability for the goods and they must be cleared separately with customs when they get to the destination. This clearance may attract additional fees.

Yes you can insure the vehicle, please ask us for the PDS and Policy Wording for details.

There are different regulations for the different countries but vehicles are almost always subject to duties and taxes.  Often person vehicles can have exemptions on them if they are owned and used for a period of time in the origin country.  You must check all the regulations in the destination country before shipping your vehicle.