Shipping from Australia to Uk

The UK is a very popular destination for our clients.  Just as we have many Brits moving to Australia so we have many moving to the United Kingdom. Of courses they are not all British many Australians and other nationalities living in Australia need to move to the UK.  We do not offer a full international moving service any more for a number of reasons.  International moving is a very competitive market in Australia and we have found a specialist place in the budget side of the market for people who are happy to pack and load their own container.  Just because it’s budget doesn’t mean that it is a risky or low quality service, most of our clients pack better than a crew of removalists.

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Self Pack container service to the UK

Lets face it you are likely to pack your goods as well as a professional.  Many moving companies employ backpackers and unskilled workers to come into your home and pack your precious things.  So why not do it yourself?   Also you may be able to pack your own things and hire a local removalist by the hour to to the loading. You can get a quote online via our website from major ports in Australia to “London”. This will be either Thamesport or the nearest port to London that the line we use ship to, but we ship to all destinations in the UK, including Scotland, Ireland, Wales and other ports in England. Please contact us online or phone us for a quote.  For more information on YouFr8’s self pack option click HERE.  In terms of the destination services in the United Kingdom, like customs and quarantine you can access quoted from agent yourself or we can get recommendations. If you have a place with enough room or a facility in the UK you can usually get the container to go straight there. The quarantine laws in the UK are not strict like they are in Australia or New Zealand.

Cheap Shipping to the UK from Australia

So does cheap mean bad? Not at all, it just means you need to do a lot more.  Most of the cost of an international move from Australia consists of labour and administration.  If you provide the labour and we can provide the knowledge.

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Smaller items and excess baggage to the UK

If you don’t have any furniture or your furniture is small enough to fit in a smaller box that one man can carry (under 30 kgs each) we can send through our air freight excess baggage service.  Please click here to get a quote online.


Clearing your goods in the UK?

Clearance process for quarantine in the UK are nowhere near as strict as they are in Australia and New Zealand but they do conduct random inspections both for customs and quarantine.  Usually you can have the container delivered from the wharf to either a residence or a facility.  We would recomend you get a few quotes from brokers in the UK to facilitate the clearance of your container and generally stay away from removalists if possible.

For information on clearing your goods in the UK please follow this link.

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